What is the link between Bonar Law and Coleraine?

Bonar Law’s father, James Law, emigrated from Coleraine, and became a Free Church of Scotland minister in New Brunswick.  When Bonar’s mother died, he was sent to live with family in Scotland. When his father eventually retired, he came home to the North Coast where Bonar’s brother was a doctor in Portrush. Bonar became a regular visitor, and he installed a window in memory of his parents at Ballywillan Presbyterian Church in Portrush.

Although his time as Prime Minister was cut short by ill health, Bonar Law is regarded by some as the saviour of the Conservative Party. During the third Home Rule crisis, he stood resolutely with his fellow Ulster-Scots and can be regarded as a founder of Northern Ireland. His son, who also became a Member of Parliament, was elevated to the Lords in 1954 and took the title Lord Coleraine to honour family links to the area.